Guidance for their curiosity, (2023), a site specific sculptural space was created, by interacting with flaws that are originally there and introducing the flaws of other related spaces. The objects used, formally abandoned semi-garbage, are instinctively adjusted and connected to each other, expanding their story.
By continuously searching for something interesting in things that were discarded by others, I’m hoping to spark curiosity in people.

Dogs on wood, (2023), found wood, stone, pencil/pastel drawing
Love is a force of nature, (2023), found wood, other found objects
Duck, (2022), found wood, acrylic paint
Toilet door, (2022), broken toilet door from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, acrylic paint, glass, thread
My pigs, (2022), found wood, acrylic paint, DVD case
Butter eaten by mice, (2023), found wood, acrylic paint, spray paint
Handblown glass made in Stockholm, (2021)
JA JA, IK VAAK GLAS, (2022), melted glass, wooden sticks
JA JA, IK VAAK GLAS TWEE, (2022), melted glass, sticks from willow tree